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Garage Door Cable Replacement

Dealing with a frustrating and unreliable garage door because of a faulty cable? We know how disruptive this can be to your daily routine.

At Melbourne Garage Door Repairs, we specialize in addressing precisely this kind of issue, offering reliable and professional garage door cable replacement services in Melbourne. Our office is located in Thomastown, and we serve all areas in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Signs of Faulty Garage Door Cable

  1. Jerky Movement: If your garage door starts moving unevenly or gets stuck while opening or closing, it could be a sign of a damaged cable. One side of the door may move faster or slower than the other, or the door may become crooked.

  2. Snapped Cable: A clear indication of a broken cable is if you see a cable hanging loosely or entirely detached from the door. It may appear frayed or have sharp ends, indicating the need for cable replacement.

  3. Door Not Staying in Place: When the garage door is closed, it should remain secure. If you notice that the door is sagging or falling when closed, it could be due to a faulty cable.

  4. Excessive Noise: A malfunctioning cable can cause grinding, scraping, or popping noises when operating the door. This noise occurs as the cable struggles to perform its function correctly.

  5. Difficulty in Opening or Closing: If you find it increasingly difficult to open or close your garage door, a damaged cable could be the culprit. The cable may struggle to support the door’s weight, making it harder to operate.

  6. Loose or Slack Cables: Inspect the cables near the bottom corners of the door. If you notice excessive slack or looseness in the cables, it indicates a problem. The cables should be taut and adequately attached to the door.

If you observe any of these signs, it is essential to address the issue promptly to avoid further damage and ensure the safe and efficient operation of your garage door. Contact a professional garage door service like Melbourne Garage Door Repairs for expert assessment and reliable garage door cable replacement services.

Our Process of Handling and Fixing Faulty Garage Door Cable

Handling a faulty garage door cable is a task that should be left to professionals due to the potential dangers involved. Here’s a general outline of how our technicians handle a defective garage door cable:

  1. Inspection: The technician starts by inspecting the entire garage door system, including the cables, springs, tracks, and other components. They identify the specific issue with the cable and assess its overall condition.

  2. Safety Measures: Safety is a top priority. The technician ensures the garage door is secured and cannot accidentally move during the repair. They may disconnect the power from the garage door opener to prevent unintended activation.

  3. Cable Removal: The technician releases the tension from the garage door springs, necessary for removing and replacing the faulty cable. This process typically involves using winding bars to unwind the springs and carefully release the tension.

  4. Cable Replacement: With the tension released, the technician removes the damaged or broken cable from the drum and pulley system. They then install a new cable, ensuring it is properly threaded and securely in place.

  5. Reassembly and Adjustment: Once the new cable is installed, the technician reassembles the garage door components, including reattaching the cable to the drum and pulley system. They also adjust the tension in the springs to ensure smooth and balanced door operation.

  6. Testing and Fine-Tuning: After completing the repairs, the technician thoroughly tests the garage door. This involves checking the door’s movement, balance, and alignment to ensure everything functions correctly. They may make additional adjustments if necessary.

Hiring a qualified and experienced garage door technician is always recommended to handle any repairs or replacements for optimal safety and results. At Melbourne Garage Door Repairs, we have the expertise and knowledge to handle garage door cable replacements efficiently and safely. Trust us to get your garage door back in smooth working order.

Risk Involved

Neglecting a faulty garage door cable can lead to various risks and potential dangers, including:

  1. Sudden Door Failure: A malfunctioning garage door cable can cause a sudden and unexpected failure, leading to the door slamming shut or crashing down. This poses a risk of injuries to anyone in its path or property damage.

  2. Personal Injury: If the garage door cable snaps while the door is in motion, the door may become unstable and fall abruptly, resulting in severe injuries to anyone nearby, including residents, family members, or pets.

  3. Property Damage: A faulty cable can cause the garage door to become misaligned or off-balance, leading to the door scraping against the tracks and damaging the tracks, rollers, or other components. Additionally, if the door falls, it can cause damage to vehicles, belongings, or the structure itself.

  4. Security Risks: A malfunctioning garage door compromises the security of your home, leaving it vulnerable to unauthorized access and potential break-ins if the door doesn’t close or lock properly.

  5. Increased Repair Costs: Ignoring a faulty garage door cable can lead to further damage to the door or other components of the system, resulting in more extensive repairs or the need for a complete door replacement, which can be costlier than addressing the issue promptly.

At Melbourne Garage Door Repairs, we understand the frustrations and inconveniences that a faulty cable can cause. We are your trusted partner in resolving issues with your garage door cable, providing reliable and professional cable replacement services in Melbourne.

Our experienced technicians are well-versed in diagnosing and addressing cable-related problems, ensuring your garage door operates smoothly and reliably. With our commitment to exceptional customer service, transparent pricing, and clear communication, we strive to exceed your expectations every step of the way. Don’t compromise on safety and security—contact us for prompt and efficient garage door cable replacement services.


Signs include uneven door movement, snapped or frayed cables, difficulty opening or closing, sagging or falling door when closed, excessive noise during operation, and loose or slack cables.

Garage door cable replacement is a complex task that requires expertise and specialised tools. It is recommended to hire a professional technician for safe and proper replacement.

The duration of the replacement process depends on various factors, including the type of door and the complexity of the cable replacement. On average, it can take a few hours to complete.

It is generally recommended to replace both cables at the same time. This ensures even tension and balance in the garage door system, preventing future issues.

The lifespan of garage door cables can vary based on usage, maintenance, and environmental factors. However, it is advisable to have a professional inspect the cables regularly and replace them when signs of wear or damage are evident.

No, using the correct type and size of cable specified by the manufacturer or recommended by a professional technician is essential. Using the wrong cable can compromise the safety and functionality of the garage door system.

In most cases, a damaged or broken cable cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced. Repair attempts may compromise the integrity of the cable, posing safety risks.

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